Tours off the beaten path

Born and raised in Bordeaux, Charlotte first got acquainted with tourism by working for a couple of agencies. Charlotte got her guiding certification and has lived in Paris for a while now, there’s nothing she enjoys more than discovering the hidden face of the capital, places forgotten or injustly unknown by its inhabitants. Be careful as she’s very curious, so when you tour with her, she’ll want to know everything about you! She also loves learning about French history through monuments, iconic figures and quirky anecdotes.

A couple of years ago, Charlotte dedicated herself to the recognition of women artists in street art. She is THE city expert on that topic and has even met some of her favourite urban artists themselves! Oh, and don’t hesitate to ask her for a LGBT Paris tour, to enquire about courtesanes from the past or the history of boudoirs, she’ll be delighted to share her fascinating stories with you.